Press & Testimonials

The following are some comments from our clients.
Hi Maya, The only thing we can say is YOU DO A GREAT JOB, and you always have a smile on your face which radiates the joy you have with your job and relations with the kids. So THANK YOU!
- KG, Longwood Florida
Delmy is the best!! Love her, love her, love her. She is always prompt and courteous, helpful, and her smile helps me start my day off right
- SK, Dr. Phillips, Florida
Our daughters, Paulina and Valeria, have Leonardo as their driver and they love him! We feel very happy and blessed to have someone like him in our lives. We feel comfortable knowing he does everything in his power to keep our kids safe on their way to school/home.  He is always on time and has a smile ready for the kids when they get on the bus!!!
- S.C., Windermere, Florida
I wanted you to know how much I appreciate your excellent service. Our driver is Carlos. He is very professional and if my daughter is late getting to the bus after school, he calls my cell to confirm she is riding. Also, when we were having major afternoon thunderstorms, he called to let me know the children were not released from school on time due to lightening. It is this type of personal care that has gained my trust in you and keeps me recommending your service. I recently have found out Carlos is a professional opera singer! Jewel taped him singing Happy Birthday. Please know your service is much needed and has been a great blessing to us!!
- S.P., Windermere,Florida
Emily's driver George is always reliable and friendly. He greets the kids with a smile every day and tries his best to deliver them home safely on time.
- A.M., Heathrow, Florida
We have no problems with George. He seems like a very nice man. My kids like him. I love that he waits till they get inside the house when they are dropped home! That is very kind of him. He also waits till they get their seat belts on, before he drives. My kids report that he does not use his cell phone etc. while driving and I think that is the most important thing: safe, careful driving. Just continue to enforce that with all your drivers!
- R.V., Sanford, Florida